Auto Buying Service

Why Buy

What makes an Auto Buying Service pre-owned car different? Reconditioning by Automotive Quality Solutions.

Automotive Reconditioning is the art of returning a vehicle back to top cosmetic condition. Unfortunately, even a well maintained car starts to show its age as a natural consequence of being driven. Rock chips, small dents and door dings, bumper scratches, wheel scuffs, and faded paint are all signs that a car has been doing what is was designed to do - drive! Fortunately, most of these signs of aging can be corrected to return a vehicle back to a condition that actually hides it’s age.

All used cars go through some detailing and reconditioning process to get them ready for sale. Typically each type of repair is farmed off to different vendors - whoever has the lowest price and can do the work on the dealership lot. There is usually a detailer to clean wash and wax the car, a dent specialist to remove door dings and small dents, a painter to perform spot repairs on scuffed bumpers, etc. - a small army of unmanaged vendors all tripping over each other to get vehicles ready for sale.

Automotive Quality Solutions is a complete reconditioning shop - performing and monitoring the entire reconditioning process from beginning to end in their state of the art shop.

Paint Repair

Automotive Quality Solutions is a high end auto body repair facility that only uses highest quality automotive paint, equipment, and skilled technicians. A typical spot repair on a bumper will likely only last a year or two before failing. Automotive Quality Solutions would repaint the entire bumper to make the repair - insuring that the paint repair will last the lifetime of the vehicle. Paint is computer matched and sprayed in a sealed spray booth with specialized lighting as opposed to being mixed by hand and sprayed outside on the dealership lot.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is the art of using specialized tools to massage and push dented metal back into it’s original shape without having to repaint the damaged area. Automotive Quality Solutions’ PDR specialists are the among the area’s highest skilled technicians. Working in controlled lighting conditions insure that technicians can see the intricate nuances in the metal to make a completely invisible repair. Attempting PDR on a dealership lot is a bit like ironing a shirt in the dark - almost impossible!

Detailing and Disinfecting

On its most basic level automotive detailing entails a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A detail can be as simple as running the car through a tunnel car wash and giving it a quick vacuum or as thorough as a customized hand wash with hours of compounding and polishing to give a vehicle a car show shine. Most dealerships take the more basic approach often adding a quick coat of wax to mask any lite scratching. Automotive Quality Solutions thoroughly steam cleans every interior addressing any stains and upholstery damage. Next, they disinfect the interior with an organic compound that kills bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses and leaves the car with a natural clean smell (as opposed to a masking fragrance). The exterior of the car is then addressed. Rock chips are filled to protect the metal beneath and the paint is assessed for imperfections. Next, the paint is polished to remove any minor imperfections (light scratches and swirl marks) before a protective wax is added.

A Superior Product

At the end of the day you, as the buyer of an ABS pre-owned vehicle, can rest assured that your new vehicle is in top cosmetic condition. No shortcuts were taken and only top quality processes, equipment, and techniques were used to recondition the vehicle. Most dealerships recondition a vehicle enough to get it off of their lot - Automotive Quality Solutions reconditions our vehicles with the goal of maintaining their appearance for the life of the vehicle.